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John Todd Jackson, November 27 2018

Intro - Our spiritual habits reveal our Kingdom desires and our Kingdom desires must be a reflection of the King. Citizens of the Kingdom have a Kingdom code, which was modeled before us in the Man Christ Jesus. These desires are a result of being conformed to the image of God. That conformity comes through habits that are developed over time, thro...

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John Todd Jackson, September 14 2018

The safest place for us to be is wherever Jesus is and sometimes, Jesus is in the storm. If Jesus can rest during the storm, we can too (Mark 4:38). Are you willing to trust Him in the storm? We are typically challenged because of the physical and emotional toll that a storm takes on us. The challenge comes when we place our eyes on the effects of...

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John Todd Jackson, September 6 2018

Part of fallen human nature is the drive to wrongly prioritize prayer behind our prideful need to feel like we are doing something. So in our doing that is absent from prayer, we usually expend unnecessary time and resources and our 'helping' God has quite an expense. Greater dependence on the Father, through the Son, and by the Holy Spirit only co...

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John Todd Jackson, July 19 2018

I want to point out two thoughts regarding the account of the Widow’s mite given in the synoptic Gospels of Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4. Here, Jesus has seated Himself in a way to view how people are giving into the Temple treasury. We know that Jesus is nearing the end of His earthly ministry. This would have been the last week of His earthly mi...

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John Todd Jackson, July 10 2018

We have a legal right to contend in prayer, in the Most Holy Place, which is the very Throne Room of God. We have a legal right to contend in prayer with the blood and body of Jesus against sickness, disease, and all the power of the enemy. The Blood and Broken Body of Jesus presented at the Mercy Seat of God provided our eternally fixed, legal pos...

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John Todd Jackson, June 20 2018

Some seasons, walking the way God has directed for you to walk is easier than other seasons. It is much easier hearing what He said than actually walking out what He said. Sometimes He ceases to speak because He has already spoken and we are being required to walk out what He spoke. I believe some are in this season now and I want to offer you enco...

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