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Since 2011, Airport Church has been helping shape hearts and minds into a movement of spiritual and practical preparation for the return of Jesus. As the Day approaches and the end of the age draws closer the greatest harvest the church will see will come from the harvest field of crisis.


In Florida we know a tad about being prepared. We prepare every summer for hurricane season. We prepare our supplies, fuel up our portable generators, purchase flashlights and batteries, check our emergency radios, ensure we have enough water and food for three days and gas in our vehicles with cash on hand in case we must evacuate. This is deeply engrained in the soul of every true Floridian. We just know to start early, or the stores will be empty. Floridians have grit.


Grit is a trait of perseverance and passion.  It is necessary for endurance. This grit is necessary to not allow offense to take root in our hearts by events that we don’t understand.  Every believer, every family, and every community of believers will have a part to play in this harvest as the Day approaches. Preparation will be essential. Practical preparation is essential as an act of faith to the heart preparation that should take place on an ongoing basis, which is also an act of faith. Both practical and heart preparedness tell the Lord, “I’m available, use me in this mission field of crisis.”


Let’s face it. We no longer have to wait for crisis. We have seen this firsthand in recent years with catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes, social upheaval, COVID, wars, and now historic financial crisis. It is literally all around us. You don’t have to wait for hurricane season.


Crisis creates opportunities to meet the needs of others. If you keep your heart in tune and prepared with the Gospel of Jesus Christ you will have an abundance of opportunities to give Jesus to people who are hungry, broken and hurting. Paul literally said, “shod your feet with the preparation of the Gospel of peace” Ephesians 6:15. Peace is not the absence of conflict, peace is wholeness in the midst of chaos. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, we are to give them Jesus who brings our minds, bodies and spirits into rest and wholeness.


Everything we need for where we are headed is in the Word. The church’s finest hour is ahead. Jesus is returning for a mature Bride in a spotless wedding dress. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against His church. That is a promise from Jesus Himself. When He returns we will not be starved and malnourished. The church will be walking in unity with the Trinity according to John 17. Jesus, by His Spirit will demonstrate His glory and power through His church against the antichrist on a global scale.


You and I have a part to play in God’s end time plan. Have you started your preparation yet? Come join our preparation community and let's seek the Lord together on how we may reach the harvest for Him.


Preparing a place, to prepare a people, for His presence

Pastor Todd Jackson

Preparing for Harvest.